HD 13x6 Frontal

Our frontals are made with our Raw hair from the Royalty Collection which comes with a natural medium-high luster, giving you that healthy hair look and feel. Each bundle is consistently full from weft to ends and carefully stitched to minimize shedding. This hair is pure gorgeousness and very low maintenance. which can last 3 years with proper care.

  • 100% human hair.
  • Single donor.
  • Unprocessed hair.
  • Very minimum shedding.
  • Can dye & bleach.

               Proper Hair Care Instructions:

• Brush hair from ends to roots.

• Wash and condition hair at least 1-3 times a week. (wash with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.)

• Hydrate and coat hair with a light ( non-greasy) silk treatment oil.

• Use a heat protectant before heat styling.

• Protect hair extensions at night with a silky hair bonnet.