1. What lengths do you have?

- Our standard lengths are 10- 32 inches, however we have do sale up to 40 inches depending on the collection. (email us for further concern)

2. What "origin" of hair do you sale?

-Our Luxury collection (most wanted) is Virgin hair, Royalty collection (most popular) is Raw hair & our Mink collection (budget friendly) is Brazilian.

3. What hair textures do you sell?

- We offer Straight, Bodywave, Loosewave, Deepwave, Eurasian Curly, Kinky Straight, & Kinky Curly for all collections. However we also offer Pineapple-wave for our Mink collection. 

4. How many bundles do I need?

- We recommend you use at least 3 bundles for the shorter lengths 10-16 inches & 4 bundles for longer lengths 18- 32!

5. What can I use to maintain the hair?

- We recommend silicone based/ hydrating shampoos and conditioner for all of our hair extensions.

6. Will the hair tangle? 

- Even though all hair will tangle if you do not take care of it! Keeping the hair nourished and hydrated with a light hair serum (bio silk/ chi oil) will assure you no tangle or snags.